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Liquid Petroleum Gas


Liquid Petroleum gas is usually abbreviated and called “LPG” in the market place, it is a fossil fuel that does not occur in isolation.  In South Africa it is produced during natural gas processing and oil refining.  LPG is separated from unprocessed natural gas using refrigeration and extracted from heated crude oil using a distillation tower.


LPG is predominately made up of Propane and Butane and can be supplied in bulk using road tankers or stored in the following pressurized cylinder sizes; 9 kg, 19 kg, 19 kg Forklift, and 48 kg.  Borutho Gas supplies quality products and has an exceptional maintenance team certified to install gas equipment for commercial and domestic customers.  Liquid petroleum gas is used in a wide range of applications such as cooking, heating, cutting, refrigeration and lighting.


Borutho Gas delivers an excellent service as a value add to its customers nationally through its well trained staff that understand the dangerous associated with the handling of flammable gases.  We believe in providing safety training to our customers and practical experience through our customer centric delivery team.

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